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Free Music Lessons 4U - FREE Music Lessons from the beginner to those wishing to brush up on their skills, you don't have to learn to read music to Play and Have Fun!

LEFT HANDED Guitarists can enjoy our Chords, Scales and other sections designed just for you, including Left-Handed Fretboard Diagrams with TAB.

2024:  Our New Website Design is underway and we have already added 5,000+ Videos of Music Scores, Fretboards (Left and Right) and Piano Keyboards to compliment existing Interactive Music Scores that currently work in Window's Internet Explorer or Apple's Safari on iPads.  Video Player Controls include Full Screen display options.

Video Player with Music Score and Fretboard Playback:

Video Player Right Handed Fretboard:

Video Player Left Handed Fretboard:

Music Theory: Video with Music Score and Piano Playback

Perhaps you play by ear and always wanted to know WHY your fingers know what to do??? You came to the right place.   We'll SHOW you how and you can HEAR what everything should sound like.   Play along with our custom Audio Music Scores complete with TAB and change the speed of the lessons without changing the Pitch.   Practice exercises are located at the bottom of the Lesson Pages.

Each Music Score includes Sound that lets you Hear the Music and See the Timing for each string played by watching the Vertical Blue Line move across the Music over the Notes and TAB on the beat.   Use the Controls on TOP of the Music Score to Play and practice at your own speed or change other settings.

Samples of our Custom Interactive Audio Music Scores:
Reading Guitar 6th String Ex. 4

The Same exercise as above with Bass Guitar and Drums added.

Reading Guitar 6th String Ex. 4 Bass Guitar & Drums

The Same exercise with Only the Bass Guitar and Drums to play along with.

Reading Guitar 6th String Ex. 4 Bass Guitar & Drums

If you are just starting out then go through the Lessons in the order as they appear here.   If you just want to Play for Fun then check out the Guitar Chord lessons.
GETTING STARTED WITH THE GUITAR - Learn about the different types of guitars, how to hold it, tuning methods, the Fretboard, fingerings, types of guitar strings, picks and other basics.
STARTING TO PLAY - At this point we will look at what lessons beginners might consider to review to start playing the guitar immediately, learn more about the Guitar or Music in general.
GUITAR TABLATURE - What is Tablature, how it relates to the Fretboard and traditional written music.   A separate listing of TAB symbol notations and how to play them is also included.
GUITAR CHORDS - Learn how to play along with songs using basic chords or check out how to play those Weird chords like A7#9.   Also a great starting place if you just wish to play for Fun.
GUITAR BARRE CHORDS - Barre Chords are played by barring your index finger across the fretboard to form a moveble chord pattern based off the 6th or 5th string.   These types of chords are common since they provide a simple reusable chord form that is easy to remember and once learned easy to use and play.   They also allow guitarists to play chords up and down the neck using most of the strings for a fuller sound.
GUITAR SCALES - The basis of everything in music from soloing to chords to a simple melody is based on Scales.   Here you will find numerous types of scales from Major, Minors, Blues, Pentatonics, the Modes and several others.
GUITAR CHORD INVERSIONS - Inversions (also called "Slash Chords"), change the order of the notes of a chord by playing a different note as the lowest note of the chord.   The chord symbols are written using a slash (/) such as C/E, which means to play a C major chord with the E note as the lowest note in the chord.
GUITAR CHORD VOICINGS - If a 13th chord has 7 notes how do you play them with only 6 strings?   Here you will find out how to play 9th, 11th and 13th chords using the main notes for a more open sound.
ARPEGGIOS - Based on the single notes of a chord, arpeggios are very useful for improvising or song writing.   By knowing where the notes of a chords are throughout the fretboard it allows you to emphasize the chords being played.
MUSIC THEORY - Theory is universal to all instruments and once you understand it you can apply your knowledge to other instruments and vocals.   Topics include Key Signatures, Time Signatures, Intervals, Music Notation, Triads, Chord Progressions, Vocal Scores, String Quartets, Orchestra Scores and more.
HOW TO READ MUSIC - The basics of reading music for guitar for those that wish to go beyond the chord symbols and Tablature.   These principles can be applied to other instruments as well.   We will also look at how to read Lead Sheets.
TIPS ABOUT PRACTICING - How should you practice?   What should you practice and for how long?   Do I have to warm up?   Here are some tips to make things more fun and let you learn easier and faster.
TIPS ABOUT PERFORMING - Whether you play "Air" guitar at home, are jamming with some friends or have a gig ... here are some ideas for you to consider.

All Resources listed are from our site.
MUSIC DICTIONARY OF TERMS - An alphabetical dictionary reference of music terms complete from A to Z.
MUSIC SYMBOLS - A separate resource dictionary that lists only Music Symbols, their meaning and how to play them.
GUITAR TABLATURE SYMBOLS - A list of Guitar TAB Symbols, their meaning and how to play them.
... HAVE  FUN  and  Keep  Jamming!!!


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