For the last 15 years we have provided Musicians, Bands, Artists and Business with Music & Multimedia studio services for their Web sites and original Music projects.   Over the years we recognized a need for Music, Theory and other Lessons related to Recording in an Interactive Web approach so we decided to commence with this project to share our knowledge and experience.

School budget cuts have often led to the removal of Music and Arts programs during the current global recession since 2008, resulting in private lessons becoming unaffordable for a lot of families.  It has become a concern to us as we were fortunate to grow up during a time with both excellent School Music programs and affordable Private Lessons, always with access to someone's House garage or basement for Jam Sessions or Band Practice.

We would like to say a Special "THANK YOU" to InLight Entertainment for their generous contribution of Pro Audio outboard gear, courtesy of their Spring clean up!

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Now that we have completed a signifcant volume of web pages with info, custom graphics and interactive Music Scores, we will continue to add more pages and Exercises weekly with New Topics in the works.   Watch for the addition of our Studio Jam Track Scores and Mixes with Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums for ANY instrument to play along with and allow musician's a Fun Way to apply their new skills or to experience what it's like to JAM with other Instruments!


Our Mackie Analog Mixer has 56 Input Channels with 48 Tape Send Channels and is easily expandable to 80 Inputs with 72 Tape Sends.   Optionally, it can be expanded to 104 Channels with 96 Tape Send tracks.
Recording is done on Alesis HD24 Recorders, which stores the recorded tracks in their original analog format on hard drives without digitizing the data.   This is the only Hard Disk Recorder that keeps the Analog sound and file format, however if you wish to transfer the file to a digital format the back panel provides for a wealth of options.

Connections are provided for Inputs & Outputs for; Analog, Digital Optical, MIDI, Ethernet and ADATs.   We can easily transfer original Rich Analog tracks to our computer network for Digital mix-downs with DAWS such as ProTools or CuBase for automated mixes.
Automated Digital Mix-downs are currently software controlled via ProTools or Cubase with our Digidesign Control 24 or Mackie HUI Digital Mixers.

Sibelius software is used for Music Scoring and futher generates the Interactive Music Scores we use for Lessons as well as Band Arrangements and Orchestrations.   Sibelius also links directly with ProTools providing for an incredible amount of Musical and sound FX possibilities including Video synchronization.



        Instrumental                             Theory                               Recording
GUITAR SPEED LEAD               HARMONY                          STUDIO BASICS 
CLASSICAL GUITAR                  EAR TRAINING                  SIBELIUS
BASS GUITAR                            COUNTERPOINT                PRO TOOLS
KEYBOARD                                ORCHESTRATION              CUBASE
DRUMS                                        ARRANGING                      MUSE SCORE

... HAVE  FUN  and  Keep  Jamming!!!

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