Q. "Why do you use such a large font?"

We use a larger font since our site is accessed by musician's of all ages making it easier for anyone to read, especially if you are sitting at your computer with your instrument.

Q. "Why can't we just download the lessons?"

This an on-line system only and we will be adding new and more information all the time.
Q. "How can this site be free?"

The sponsers listed throughout this site pay for these lessons so they can be made available to you for free.

NOTE: We only allow Google Text Ads to display so there are NO animated Ads to distract you while you are learning.   We don't make as much money to pay for this site, but it provides for a better learning environment.
Q. "Will you be adding other instruments for free lessons?"

Yes, we will be adding additional instruments and more in the future.


        Instrumental                             Theory                       Recording
GUITAR SPEED LEAD             HARMONY                      STUDIO BASICS
BASS GUITAR                          COUNTERPOINT             PRO TOOLS
KEYBOARD                              ORCHESTRATION          CUBASE
DRUMS                                      ARRANGING                   MUSE SCORE

Q. "Why do most of the Music Scores always pop-up instead of just loading them on the web pages?"

Since the Music Scores are interactive they are large files, too big and time comsuming to load several on lesson web pages.   We are very conscious of Internet Service Providers who tend to throttle speeds and charge for bandwidth usage.

Additionally, it provides a way to see the full score, which you can move about on your screen to allow you to see any notes on the topic web page at the same time.
Q. "Where can I download the Sibelius Scorch Plug-In to see the Interactive Music Scores?"

As of 2017, you can now download the most current Sibleius Scorch Plug-In directly from our Server for either Windows or Macs.

Click HERE to download the FREE SCORCH Plug-In from our Server.

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