Throughout these lessons we will provide suggested fingering numbers for chords and scales. Written music also uses the same fingering method. This is a very simple topic and should be easy to understand.

Fingering numbers are used for your fret hand. For Right-Handed guitars this means your left hand.

For a Left-Handed guitarist this refers to your right hand, although the numberings are the same.

Fingerings numbers are as follows;
  • 1 = index finger.

  • 2 = middle finger.

  • 3 = ring finger.

  • 4 = baby finger
The next diagram below shows you each fingering number and the proper finger for a Right-Handed musician.

So when you see a chord diagram with the suggested fingerings it is easy to understand which fingers to use for your fret hand. It doesn't matter whether you are Right or Left handed, the fingerings for your fret hand are the same.
A Right-Handed chord diagram for C major. The numbers below the note names are the left hand fingerings.
A Left-Handed chord diagram for the same C major chord. The numbers below the note names are the right hand fingerings.

Note - Chord diagrams are only written for Right-Handed musicians, however, we created Left-Handed Chord and Scale diagrams so You can learn without having to switch or waste time translating.