Here we will look at the different parts of the guitar and NO this is not for the benefit of the home handyman for repairs. Some parts of the guitar such as the neck and bridge should only be adjusted or repaired by a qualified technician or guitar builder as even the seasoned pros will tell you.

Instead the purpose of this section is only to acquaint you with the various names of the parts of the guitar since they will be mentioned throughout these lessons.
HEAD The top of the neck that holds the tuning keys where the strings are attached.
TUNING KEYS One tuning key for each string that allows you to raise or lower the pitch of each string.
NUT Where the strings cross the neck to attach to the tuning keys.
NECK The neck has all of the frets across it and the length of the strings along it. This is an important part of the guitar as you will use it the most.
POSITION MARKS Single dots placed along the surface and top side of the neck to show you where you are. Usually found at the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th frets while the Double dot indicates the 12th fret (the octave) after which the single dots continue .
FRET The gold bars across the neck allowing strings to change pitch when pressed at different frets.
SOUND HOLE Found on hollow body instruments and is the source where the sound is projected.
PICK GUARD Protects the surface of the body of a guitar from being scratched or marked as a result of the use of a guitar pick.
BRIDGE Located near the bottom of the body where the stings are usually attached.
SADDLE Where the strings cross the bridge to keep them raised above the neck.
BRIDGE PINS Found on acoustic guitars these pins keep the strings held in place at the bridge.
BODY The main part of a guitar.
END PIN A pin that allows you to attach a guitar strap.
PICK-UP Amplifies strings when played and send signal to output jack.
PICK-UP SELECTOR Allows you to switch between pickups for different sounds.
VOLUME/TONE Controls the Volume and Tone on electric guitars.
INPUT JACK Connection for a guitar cord to go to an amplifier.