Guitar arpeggios are the notes of a chord played individually, one at a time.   Arpeggios on the guitar can be used for improvisation, or songwriting to help create a melody with a strong chord sound.   These lessons will help you learn more about guitar arpeggios.
Arpeggio Basics Arpeggio Basics - Left Handed
Here are the basics of what an arpeggio is, how to read arpeggio charts, and how to play them on the guitar.
Major Arpeggios Major Arpeggios - Left Handed
Guitar arpeggios are the notes of a chord played one note at a time.   One important reason for learning them, is to use in improvisation where a strong chord sound is desired.   This lesson will cover basic major arpeggio shapes.
Minor Arpeggios Minor Arpeggios - Left Handed
7th Arpeggios 7th Arpeggios - Left Handed
The guitar arpeggios that you are going to learn in this lesson can be used in any style of music.   If you are a jazz or blues guitar player, these arpeggio forms are essential in helping you improvise over chord changes.