Note: The Guitar Codex is no longer supported and will be removed from our 2023 New Website Design.

You can use the Guitar Codex as a tablature chord dictionary and more. It allows you to see and hear chords, scales and displays associated guitar chords in a graphical representation. Using the mouse, fingerings can be made by clicking on the fingerboard.

Left-Handed guitarists only need to change the fretboard option in the Top Right corner of the Codex.
Another advantage to the Guitar Codex is the fact that you can change the guitar tunings and have the entire fretboard redrawn with the correct note names based on your tuning selection. To return to normal tuning simply select Standard Tuning from the drop-down list at the Top-Left.
Available Guitar Tunings:
  Standard Tuning
  E A D G B E
  Drop D   D A D G B E
  Double Drop D   D A D G B D
  Open D   D A D F# A D
  Open D Minor   D A D F A D
  D Modal   D A D D A D
  Fourths   E A D G C F
  Open E   E B E Ab B E
  G6   D G D G B E
  Open G   D G D G B D
  G Minor   D G D G Bb D
  Open A   E A E A C# E
  A Minor   E A E A C E
  C6   C G C G A E
  Open C   C G C G C E
  Low C   C G D G A D
  Custom Tuning   Create Your Own

The Guitar Codex is a freeware program written by Robert Leh. There is also a Plus version that runs on your computer.