Performing is Fun and with a little planning you should be able to keep it that way.   Here are some tips for you to consider:

Like anything else it never hurts to have a check list before you head out to a Practice, Jam or especially a Gig.   So here's a quick List to consider:
  • Pack your instrument!   Incredibly, some musician's have actually shown up to Gigs without their instrument or amp.   You can usually improvise on cables by mooching or possibly buying them before the local store closes, but forget your instrument and it could be a long drive back.

  • Spare strings and if possible a spare guitar is also handy to grab in case a string breaks during a song.

  • Spare cables & batteries for electric instruments, FX pedals, tuners and so on.

  • Spare guitar picks, drum sticks, reeds for wind instruments.

  • It never hurts to have an electrical power bar and extension cord with you.

  • Make sure you have the correct Name, Address and Phone of the venue you're playing, especially if it's a Solo gig.

  • I thought you brought the Set List!   We've all heard that one before.   Be sure to prepare a set list of songs to play for each gig as the order tends to change and pack a copy.

Warming up is always practical before you have to play, so take the time and you'll find it will relax you as well.