a - for, at, in, etc.

a cappella - choral music without instrumental accompaniment.

a capriccio - in a capricious style.

accelerando - gradually getting quicker.

accent - emphasis placed on a tone or chord.

accidental - a sharp, fiat, or natural sign.

accompaniment - subordinate harmonic and/or rhythmic material supporting a principal melody.

accrescendo - getting louder.

adagio - very slow.

ad libitum - at the performer's liberty.

affabile - in a pleasing manner.

affettuoso - affectionate, with tender warmth.

affrettando - hurrying.

agitato - excited.

air (ayre) - a melodious composition used in some classic suites, which was designed to accompany dancing, but it was not one of the standard dance forms such as the Gavotte or the Minuet. a vocal or instrumental melody.

al fine - to the end.

al, alia, alle - to the - in the style of.

allargando - gradually slower and broader.

allegretto - slightly slower than allegro.

allegro - lively, rather quick.

allegro assai - very quick.

allegro giusto - quick, with exactness.

allegro modetaro - moderately quick.

allemande - the first of the dances in the classic suite, written in duple time and played at a moderate tempo.

Alto Clef - Used to score for instruments such as the viola. Middle C is located on the middle line.
                    alto clef

al Tedesca - in the German style.

areabile - sweet, loveable.

areore - tenderness and affection.

ambitus - the range of a plainsong from its highest to its lowest tone.

amoroso - loving.

andante - rather slow, at a moderate pace.

andantino - generally a little quicker than andante.

andare - go on.

Anglaise - an English country dance, sometimes part of the suite, in quick duple time, always starting on a strong beat.

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